About Us Old

Green Cabin Pottery was created by Cindy Chiupka-Jozin in 2018 after spending time mentoring with local potter James Sanders of Flood Mud Pottery and taking summer courses in Quebec as well as Haliburton.

I am located in Wawa, Ontario and enjoy making hand-made functional pottery. I create a variety of hand-built functional pottery in my independent workshop.
Since we are located on the north shore of Lake Superior, the Lake is a predominant theme on much of my pottery.
My 79 year old father is my assistant and enjoys helping out where he can.
If you would like something custom made, I can make it happen, but it takes time! I only have a 'baby kiln' and may need from 2-4 months to process orders.

The pottery process

*Important: these are handmade items. Dimensions can vary slightly. Each piece is special and unique, made with lead-free, food safe glaze and is dishwasher and microwave safe. I use either red or white stoneware clay.
Every piece of pottery goes through two firings in my kiln. The first firing is called a bisque fire: the pottery is cooked, but it is still porous to absorb glaze. After this fire, I glaze the pottery and load the kiln for the next fire. For this fire the temperature is higher, 2232° F. It brings resistance and turns it into a non-absorbent item.