• Made in Wawa

    I am located in Wawa, Ontario and enjoy making hand-made functional pottery. I create a variety of hand-built functional pottery in my independent workshop.

  • Our Connection To Lake Superior

    Since we are located on the north shore of Lake Superior, the Lake is a predominant theme on much of my pottery.

  • Our Team

    My 80 year old father is my assistant and enjoys helping out where he can.

  • The Green Cabin

    The orgin story of the Green Cabin is a great one. I grew up passing by it constantly as my family had a fishing/hunting lodge next to it and I'd often take photos in the area. It's the perfect location to get creative in, overlooking Whitefish Lake. The older I got I decided that this camp deserved a spot on the vision board. I'd always imagined that someday I'd retire and this little green cabin would make a great pottery studio.

    Eventually the dream came true. Over the years I learned from my parents who had owned the cabin and when I was in the position to purchase the cabin, they wanted to sell - poof!

    While I did retire and make pottery, the green cabin is actually not my current place of creating, but that's a whole other story.

The Workshop

Now, the workshop you ask? My grandparents built their home in the 70's and included a woodworking shop, as my grandpa was a local high school science teacher who woodworked on the side (do you see where I'm going with this?).

My parents took over the home and when I retired from teaching, they graciously allowed me to use the former woodworking shop as a space for pottery and it evolved from there.

Now the space is happily filled with another teacher and their hobby - and of course, my dad, my #1 assistant. 🙂

Check out the work we do!