Shot glasses in Weathered Bronze - Green Cabin Pottery
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Shot glasses in Weathered Bronze

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Enjoy a toast in your favourite shot glass! 

These small glasses are thrown on the wheel, trimmed and glazed with a food safe glaze on the inside.

Important: this is a handmade item. Dimensions can vary slightly. Each piece is special and unique.

It is made with lead-free, food safe glaze and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Each shot glass is carefully created on the wheel. I trim the glass to give it a better finish and create a bottom rim.  Every shot glass goes through two firings in my kiln. The first firing is called a bisque fire: the vase is cooked, but it is still porous to absorb glaze. After this fire, I glaze the glass and load the kiln for the next fire. For this fire the temperature is higher, 2232° F. It brings resistance and turns it into a non-absorbent item. Once cooled, the bottom is sanded for a smooth finish.